Back To The Future With Marita K. Noon

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By Tracy Dingmann

I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the simplistic editorial about energy by frequent guest commentator Marita K. Noon in Monday’s Albuquerque Journal.

I understand that, as head of the energy trade booster group Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy, Noon’s “Energy Use Makes Holiday’s Go Round” (subscription required) is supposed to make a point about how omnipresent energy is in all of our lives – especially at the holidays.

But extolling the uniquely American right to gorge oneself on twinkly lights, gas guzzlers, packed stores, heated blankets, electric knives, hot plates, dishwashers and flat screen televisions is a curious way to do it.

Is it just me, or are Noon’s unquestioning visions about unbounded, unlimited energy use a tiny bit…dated?  Her column reads like it was ripped from a 1950’s Home Economics textbook – or a TV ad (see below).

From the piece:

Once the meal is ready, many people use an electric knife to cut the meat and a hot plate to keep things warm while the final preparations are made. Both need energy.


In most homes, while the men watch the game, the women clean up. The dishwasher makes it so much easier. And the hot water coming straight from the tap is expected. Once again, energy.

If you are a regular Journal reader and think this kind of message sounds familiar, you should.

That’s because Noon’s pro-energy take is heartily endorsed by Paul Gessing, executive director of the libertarian think tank The Rio Grande Foundation.

Gessing also just happens to sit on the CARE board of directors (scroll down).

Not a week goes by without Gessing or another representative of this right-wing group weighing in on the Journal’s editorial pages or as sources in news stories.

Gessing himself linked to Noon’s piece in the Journal today on the Rio Grande Foundation blog “Errors of Enchantment.” I’m wondering whether Journal readers need to starting thinking of Noon, who appears regularly on the Journal’s editorial page (despite being discredited elsewhere), as yet another RGF appendage.

And finally, I’m confused. I thought the Journal’s editorial page only runs pieces that haven’t run elsewhere – with exceptions made for prestigious publications like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Noon’s very same “Give Thanks for Energy” piece ran on the local blog “Eye On Albuquerque.”

Not exactly the New York Times.

So what gives, Albuquerque Journal?

(VIDEO POSTSCRIPT: “Every day’s a holiday with Hotpoint”. Ahh, the good old days. Thanks to energy, life for busy homemakers like Harriet Nelson sure was easy. So can anyone guess who the dancing girl is?)

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